About me

Hi Everyone,

My name is David and I decided to create this website to share my passion for airbrushing with you.David

10 years married with three children, I  always had a passion for plastic modeling. I suppose I can therefore consider myself as a hobbyist.

I wanted to create a website for a long time but never really found the time and energy necessary for such a task.

When younger, I used to build and paint a lot of plastic models, then went through a rather long period where I had other priorities (married and three children you remember!).

Now that I have a bit more time, I can dedicate a bit of that time to share my passion with others. I will try to keep updating this website as often as possible with all sort of useful information that relates to airbrushing.

The aim of that website is:

Hopefully, you will find this website informative. If you want me to speak about anything, please go to my contact page and send me a message!

All the best!

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