Best Airbrush Makeup System for 2020

Airbrush makeup is a light-weight makeup applied through an airbrush stylus that produces a thin, even layer of makeup and creates a very matte finish. Airbrush makeup makes your skin look luminous, last for longer than regular makeup and  give you that flawless finish you are looking for. Airbrush makeup  is so light to wear that sometime you forgot that you are wearing makeup altogether.

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I would to add that the makeup is only as good as the artist. And the artist is going to be you! And I can guarantee you that you will get better with practice so don’t blame the airbrush or the foundation you are using if you don’t get the result expected straight away. Not only that, your skin has a huge impact of how your makeup will look. If you are getting married or have a big event coming up, take care of your skin. There is a glow and smoothness that only healthy skin can achieve. No makeup can give that glow. Drink lots of water, eat healthy before and you will see a difference in your skin.

Here I have selected for you a selection of best airbrush makeup kits for how user on the market.

Best Airbrush Makeup System for 2020: Reviews & Comparisons


1.Art of Air Professional Airbrush Cosmetic Makeup System Review

Best airbrush Makeup System 2020: Reviews & ComparisonsBest airbrush Makeup System 2020: Reviews & ComparisonsBest airbrush Makeup System 2020: Reviews & ComparisonsThe Art of Air Professional Airbrush Cosmetic Makeup System is a complete kit that will suit both home users and professional makeup artists.This makeup system comes with a super quiet mini Airbrush compressor which has a with fully adjustable airflow control settings. Very useful if you are on the go and want to reapply your makeup discretely and quickly.The air hose is 6 foot long which is nice length, plenty to be comfortable when you apply the makeup. The mini compressor has also a airbrush holder that is always handy to have.

The airbrush is a single action airbrush with a 0.4mm Tip and a  1/16 oz Cup. It is designed to provide an ultra fine mist of makeup, allowing you to achieve a flawless, soft natural finish. With a Single Action airbrush, how much you pull the trigger will determine how much makeup will come out. Very easy to use and the airbrush is well balance in your hand.The water based makeup is very light on the skin and doesn’t cake.

This airbrush makeup kit comes with a lot of extra:

You can carry all this using the nice carrying bag provided with this kit. It makes travel easy and allow you to keep all of your pieces nicely together.

So overall, the Art of Air Professional Airbrush Cosmetic Makeup System is very well priced and has every thing you need to get started. It is a powerful system that offers a wide range of features that you would only expect in the best airbrush makeup kit review. I highly recommend this airbrush kit, it is a quality Airbrush system that makes the job of applying makeup so much easier.

  • Super Quiet Compressor
  • Six shades from fair to medium for countless variations
  • Three finishing options with Tropical Bronzer, Pink Papaya Blush, and Pearl Shimmer Highlighter
  • Great deal for under $100
  • Easy to clean, only takes a minute.
  • Ideal for everyone from beginners to experts
  • Can be a bit overwhelming to get so many colors choice.


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2. Aeroblend Airbrush Makeup Review

Best airbrush Makeup System 2020: Reviews & ComparisonsThe Aeroblend Airbrush makeup kit comes with  the following items:

Best airbrush Makeup System 2020: Reviews & ComparisonsEven if you’re a beginner, you can achieve a flawless finish and give your skin a smooth, even finish that looks completely natural. The ultra-quiet compressor and professional double action airbrush stylus give you all the control you need to spray a fine, even mist of water-based foundation. Because Aeroblend is highly pigmented, only an average of 5-7 drops is needed.

Aeroblend  foundation is water based and contains only natural soothing ingredients your skin loves like botanicals, minerals such as kaolin, lavender and jojoba. Great for all skin types, even for those with sensitive skin. Absolutely no silicone, fragrances, parabens or petroleum derived ingredients that can irritate skin.

The water based foundation is long lasting, highly pigmented for great coverage and will give you a natural matte finish look without beeing flat or dry looking either. You really need very little makeup to achieve a flawless finish.

Using Aeroblend Airbrush makeup will soon become the fastest part of your beauty routine.

Aeroblend is definitely one of the best water based airbrush makeup system out there.

  • Simple to use
  • Double action stylus
  • Quiet compressor
  • Very portable, great for travel
  • Only natural soothing ingredients (botanicals, minerals such as kaolin, lavender and jojoba)
  • Nice matte finish, (won’t be flat or dry looking)
  • Foundation with no silicone, fragrances, parabens or petroleum derived ingredients
  • Perfect for those who really have sensitive skin
  •  I honestly can’t find any negative points
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3.Tickled Pink Airbrush Kit Review

Best airbrush Makeup System 2020: Reviews & ComparisonsBest airbrush Makeup System 2020: Reviews & ComparisonsThe Tickled Pink Airbrush Kit  is a another well designed airbrush makeup kit that will suit both home users and professionals.

This airbrush system consist of one all metal , gravity feed , single action Airbrush (life time warranty), and a very quiet 3 speed (low, medium or high) airbrush compressor with 2 Year Warranty, a convenient airbrush holder, flexible air hose.

The kit also includes truly unique organic aloe based liquid airbrush foundations. The liquid airbrush makeup, is  high in antioxidants, paraben free, and t is also packed with ingredients that are shown to do wonderful things for the skin. Thanks to its aloe-Vera  based formula,  is a great makeup system for those women with sensitive and dry skin.

The moisturizer  also included in this kit is extremely lightweight and goes on so flawlessly under your makeup. If you are worried about your makeup being ruin by tears or humid climate, you can use the water proof sealant provided with this airbrush makeup kit.

The Tickled Pink Airbrush Kit is very easy and simple to use, the compressor with its 3  adjustable air pressure settings provides a real steady output for a smooth and flawless finish.

The refills for the makeup foundation are easily available to purchase. You can find 7 refill shades to choose from: Ivory, Porcelain, Beige, Tan, Deep, Hazelnut, Espress. You can blend from any of the available foundation makeup lines to create custom shades.

This airbrush makeup kit can be used to conceal fine lines, pores, blemishes and dark spots.

To sum up, The Tickled Pink Airbrush Kit is a well-designed product, very easy to use and is probably one of the best airbrush makeup kit for beginners.

  • Great for users with dry skin
  • Easy to use
  • 89% organic
  • Paraben-free
  • Great for oily, dry and sensitive skin
  • Include waterproof sealant
  • Compressor has 3  adjustable air pressure settings
  • lightweight for easy portability
  • Only includes 3 shades of foundation
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4.Temptu Air Airbrush Makeup Review

Best airbrush Makeup System 2020: Reviews & ComparisonsBest airbrush Makeup System 2020: Reviews & ComparisonsThe Tempu air is the first cordless airbrush makeup device, so you don’t need any air hose  between a compressor and the airbrush. All you get is the airbrush device that fits snugly in your hand, and the interchangeable  Airpod foundation  that you insert in the makeup device. The battery operated makeup device will last 3 weeks between charges, and operates very quietly.

This makes the Temptu Air makeup device so easy to use, making it the best airbrush makeup for beginner home users.

Choosing the right foundation shade (Air Pod):

All you need to do is choose the right foundation shade (one is include with this kit), that correspond to your skin tone. For that, just go on to the Temptu shade finder link , choose you skin type (normal,oily, dry, combination), your skin tone (fair, light medium) and your skin undertone by looking at the colors of your veins on your wrist (cool with purple/blue veins on wrist, neutral with blue/green veins on wrist or warm with green veins on wrist). You will then be presented with the exact Airpod foundation color that will fit you skin shade. The advantage of this process is that you won’t need to mix different color shade to get the perfect match.But if you aren’t happy with your pick, Temptu will exchange the pod for free. They really have a great customer service.

Each air pod last about 300 applications so even if they seem quite expensive, they are actually good value.

The Atomized Airflow Technology transforms the Air pod makeup into a micro-fine mist, creating even, skin-perfected coverage.

There are 3 types of air-flow settings on the device:

This starter kit comes with an 8ml Perfect Canvas Hydra Lock Foundation Airpod in your shade of choice (choose you shade by going to the Temptu shade finder). Each weightless, semi-matte foundation delivers the most flawless, age-defying, skin-like finish yet and contains amino acids, peptides, goji berry extract and a botanical blend to help hydrate and purify your skin. The fast-dry, non-comedogenic formula is transfer and water resistant as well as oil, paraben and fragrance free.

Just make sure you shake well the Airpod before use and always apply using circular motion and you will be able to recreate the flawless finish of a professional airbrush makeup session in your own home.

The Temptu Air is a great technology achievement for an airbrush makeup device.You won’t go back to using a brush anymore after trying it!   I can  say it is well worth the investment and I can only highly recommend it.

  • Cordless Makeup device
  • Simple to use
  • Ergonomic design
  • Customizable coverage
  • Oil-free, Paraben-free, Pthalate-free, Fragrance-free, Vegan, Non-comedogenic, and Hypoallergenic formula
  • Great customer service
  • Bit more expansive but worth the investment.
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5. Luminess Air Airbrush System Review

Best airbrush Makeup System 2020: Reviews & Comparisons

This is another one of the best airbrush makeup systems on the market. The Luminess Air Airbrush system It is very easy to use, so quick to apply  and  also the application of airbrush foundation, blush, primers, skincare, eye shadows last for ever.

The foundation is water based and hypo-allergenic, non-comedogenic meaning that it won’t cause blackheads by blocking the pores of your skin. . The opaque formula is ideal for acne-prone or dry skin but also for sensitive and mature skin types.

Luminess Air foundation comes in deep, fair, medium ,tan and warm. You can order any of those shades ( you get 4  bottles of  0.25oz Silk 4-IN-1 foundation), so you can mix the shades and get the perfect matching color for your skin .And don’t worry, with the Luminess Air, it is color match guaranteed: if you have chosen the wrong shade, you can send  it back and they will send you another one.

The specially formulated foundation allows you to spray away a verity of unwanted imperfections such as discoloration, dark circles, bruising, varicose veins, scars, wrinkles, tattoos, and more. The makeup allows skin to breathe without sacrificing coverage-airbrushing with Luminess Air gives sheer to ultra-coverage minus the appearance of heavy or cakey makeup.

The Basic Airbrush system is light weight and it will leave your skin looking flawless. The starter kit that comes with the system is perfect for sensitive skin, and is dermatologist approved.

Cleaning the stylus is very easy: all you need is run a little water through it after every use, that’s it.

The Luminess Air Airbrush gives you a soft and precise makeup application each and every time you use it for a flawless look.


This Makeup kit includes:

  • Water-Based Formula ideal for Sensitive Skin
  • Easy to use
  • Lightweight makeup application
  • Great  bronzer with natural glow
  • Great video tutorial on Luminess website
  • Compact, easy to travel with
  • Guaranteed color match
  • Definitely a leaning curve but you will get it
  • Can be a bit pricey
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6. Photo Finish Makeup System Kit Review

Best airbrush Makeup System 2020: Reviews & ComparisonsBest airbrush Makeup System 2020: Reviews & ComparisonsPhoto Finish Airbrush Makeup kit for the most flawless finish, sheer to full coverage for ALL skin types.

This airbrush makeup kit comes with 3 choices of color foundation: Luminous, matte  or matte -fair to medium. You make the choice depending of your skin tone. The foundation is not heavy, covers well, and is inexpensive  if you compared it with other brands.

The airbrush, or stylus depending how you want to call it, is a single-action gravity feed airbrush with a 0.3mm Tip and a 1/16 oz cup. The mini compressor has a little knob that allows you to fully adjust the quantity of air coming out,and it comes with a 6 foot airbrush hose, long enough to feel comfortable when using the airbrush. The compressor include also an holder for you airbrush which is very handy to have.

The airbrush is very easy to use, even for a beginner and is designed to provide an ultra fine mist of makeup, allowing you to achieve a flawless, soft natural complexion.

The Photo Finish Cosmetic Airbrush Makeup Kits comes with:

* Fair to Medium Tone Makeup Foundation (5 x 1/2oz bottles) : Fairly light, Golden, Medium, Medium Beige, and Light tan

*Neroli Anti-Aging Moisturizing Primer (1/2 oz Bottle) for use before, during or after makeup is applied.

*Concealer(6mm .2oz Bottles) Our wonderful Lilac Camouflage provides an incredible coverage and adhesion with a hint of purple. Covers age spots, Dark spots and Dark circles under the eyes.

*Soft Mauve Blush (.2 oz Bottle) Perfectly pigmented to achieve a natural healthy-looking color.

* Pearl Shimmer Highlighter (.2 oz Bottle) to create a radiant pearlized effect and emphasize features on body, face, eyes and

* Silica Finishing Powder 6g: The power diminishes the look of fine lines on the skin, effect also known as optical blurring or soft focus. It also provides a an elegant silky texture, for a more natural finish. Overall the powder that you apply with a brush will help set the foundation and make it water resistant. It will also dry any area that are not completely dry.

* Deluxe Carrying Bag, ideal to carry all your  foundation and your airbrush makeup system.

I really highly recommend this airbrush makeup kit, the makeup is long wearing, water and sweat resistant and smudge proof and is designed for everyday us. Great to cover  red spots, brown spots or blemish.  This is a complete Airbrush System, nothing else needed to get started! for Beginner and Professional use.

  • Great price
  • Easy to use
  • No animal testing , no alcohol or harmful Parabens
  • Makeup last all day
  • Easy to find the perfect match of color
  • Made in US
  • Definite learning curve
  • Can take a while to know what quantity of makeup to apply
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Airbrush makeup vs Regular makeup

 What is airbrush makeup?

Airbrush Makeup History

Airbrush makeup is  has been around for a long time in the modeling and the cinema or the TV industry. In fact , airbrushing makeup was introduced at the end of the 1950s in the 11 Oscar winning movie Ben Hur.  An airbrush was used in a way to effortlessly and rapidly apply make-up to the huge amount of extras.

Airbrush makeup has become mainstream with the emergence of high definition video and high definition photography. Traditional powder or liquid based make-up can settle and appear in pores and wrinkles and be visible on high definition movie.

Makeup is sprayed in a fine mist on the skin

Instead of applying makeup using a brush, a sponge or your finger tips, you put a small amount of a very thin makeup designed for airbrush use into the  cup of the airbrush stylus, and simply press the airbrush trigger  to  spray a soft, even mist of makeup over your face. Since it’s such a fine mist, it builds up gradually from a sheer layer to a full coverage.

Airbrush Makeup can conceal skin imperfections

Airbrush makeup can be used conceal fine lines, pores, blemishes and dark spots and even to camouflage tattoos, or any unwanted skin discoloration.

Flawless and natural  finish to the skin

Airbrush makeup creates a smooth, lightweight, long lasting, flawless and natural  finish to the skin in half the time it takes you to do the same with traditional makeup. Everyone’s dream right?

Airbrush makeup kits has become  more affordable and are becoming hugely popular among home users with the release of  products  designed for personal cosmetic use or home use.

An airbrush makeup kit include an airbrush , an air source, usually a small compressor and a air hose that connects the two together. Also included in an airbrush makeup kit is the medium that you are going to spray, the makeup itself.

Airbrush Makeup Buying Guide

Best airbrush Makeup System 2020: Reviews & Comparisons

What to look for in airbrush makeup kits?

Before I speak about the type of makeup that can be used with airbrush makeup kits, I would like to say a few words about the different type of airbrush that you can find.

Single Action Airbrush Vs Dual Action Airbrush

There are different types of airbrushes out there and each one is better suited for specific applications.There is few things that you need to consider before buying an airbrush for makeup. I recommend you read my airbrush buying guide if you want to have a better understanding of the airbrush as a tool.

Single Action Airbrush with continuous airflow for cosmetic usage:

With your typical Single Action Airbrush, by  pressing the trigger, it delivers both the air and the medium (paint, makeup or whatever your are spraying)flow without any possible adjustment. You can modify the medium  flow separately by turning a screw or knob located at the rear of the airbrush that will adjust the needle position in the nozzle.

But fortunately for airbrush makeup users, Single Airbrush  for makeup work differently than your typical Single Airbrush for hobby. The main and crucial difference is that airflow is running continuously from the minute you turn on the compressor. So you can point the airbrush towards your face and feel exactly where the makeup is going to be applied.

Then, instead of pressing down a trigger, you just pull back the trigger and this will start to gradually spray the makeup in a fine mist.The more you pull back the trigger, the more makeup is going to be sprayed. It is only recommended to fully pull back the trigger when you are cleaning your airbrush. I can’t be easier than that!

Best airbrush Makeup System 2020: Reviews & Comparisons

Single Action Continuous Airflow are perfect for Airbrush Makeup



Dual action Airbrush for Makeup

Dual action airbrushes are less commonly  used in the cosmetic industry.  They are more difficult to use and require a bit more of practice than the single action airbrushes.  They allow more control and are more precise than the single action airbrushes. The airflow is controlled by pressing the airbrush trigger and the makeup flow is controlled by pulling the same trigger back. The more you pull the trigger back, the bigger the makeup flow is, making the spray pattern wider. But this amount of control is not really necessary if you apply makeup, unless you are working in the cinema industry as a makeup artist for special effects! A single action airbrush will do the job perfectly.

Best airbrush Makeup System 2020: Reviews & Comparisons

Dual Action Airbrush are more difficult to use

Compressor for Airbrush Makeup

When apply makeup using an airbrush, you will need an air source. This is what the compressor is. If you are going to buy an airbrush makeup kit, it will include a small compressor. Make sure They are powerful enough to  be used in the cosmetic industry. Look for compressor with a way to regulate the pressure. A good small compressor  from an airbrush makeup kit should have a way to adjust the air pressure, usually a knob for low, medium or high pressure.

When you apply makeup to your face using an airbrush,  you work with a low air pressure, between 0-35 PSI. Most compressor have  a know to fully adjust  the airflow and some other can be set to a low, medium or high pressure setting. But you only really use the high pressure setting when you clean your airbrush, not when you apply makeup, unless you want to cover a large area like a tattoo or skin imperfection on your body.

Read more at: | Starsricha
Best airbrush Makeup System 2020: Reviews & Comparisons

Airbrush Makeup: Compressor

If you want for info about compressors, see my compressor buying guide .

 What type of airbrush foundation?

They are 3 types of Airbrush foundation that can be found on the market: water-based, silicone-based, and alcohol-based. Each have their own pros and cons.

Alcohol based makeup

As you can imagine, alcohol based makeup  is not suited for daily usage for the simple reason that it can irritate your skin.

Alcohol based makeup comes up dry and should really be refereed as to as alcohol activated makeup. Alcohol must be applied to the makeup in order for it to work. And when I say alcohol, I mean more specifically 99% isopropyl alcohol.

Alcohol based makeup often come in palette form but are also available in liquid form for airbrushing. Brand like skin illustrator , the European Body art Endura range of makeup or the Temptu Dura range of airbrush makeup are some of the well known brands that provide great alcohol based makeup for airbrushing.

Alcohol based makeup is highly-pigmented and is known for staying true to color, no matter how long it stays on the skin. Alcohol makeup  is usually used for body art, to conceal color prosthetic, tattoo coloring, and special makeup effects.

Alcohol based makeup is completely waterproof, capable of withstanding extreme, on-set conditions and can  last easily 2 or 3 days, ore even more.

Water based foundation

Probably the most common type of airbrush makeup. Water based makeup as the advantage to  be very light on your skin and doesn’t cake, and sometimes it feels like you don’t actually wear any makeup at all.

Water based foundation have a matte finish on your skin. So make sure you apply the water based foundation all over your face  so that you don’t notice the difference between the area that have been sprayed and the natural skin texture.

The matte finish is ideal for camera shots or wedding photos or even if you work on a TV studio where you have a lot of light exposure.

The pigments found in  water formula will provide even coverage and leave a  natural healthy-looking color to your skin. Water based foundation leave your skin breathe and can have other beneficial components into them.Water based makeup is ideal to conceal unwanted imperfections such as discoloration, dark circles, bruising, varicose veins, scars, wrinkles, tattoos, and more.

Silicone based makeup

Silicone-based makeup have the advantage to blend very well with the natural tone of the skin. Silicone based foundation mimics the skin texture and gives the skin a  beautiful finish. Unlike with water based makeup, you can get away with airbrushing only part of the face as long as you use a close shade match of your skin.

Silicone based makeup is water resistant and would last longer on your skin if you compare it to water based makeup formula. because of its silicone based formula, the makeup  won’t dissolve on your skin, it won’t break down.

The Temptu S/B range of silicon airbrush foundation provides a dewy, natural looking finish that gives your skin a healthy glow.

When using an airbrush to atomize silicone-based makeup, it is better to use a larger size nozzle, as the consistency of the silicone makeup is a bit ticker than water based makeup and your airbrush might clog up.Also, you will need to spray silicone-based makeup at a slightest higher air pressure than you would water-based makeup.

And remember, if you hesitate between two shades of color, always go for the lightest one!

10 benefits of Airbrush makeup

1. Flawless and natural finish

The  main advantage of using airbrush makeup technique is that an ultra fine mist of makeup will allow you to achieve a flawless, soft natural finish.

The makeup rendering is really discreet, ideal for women looking for a natural looking makeup.

Another advantage is that airbrush makeup is not limited to the face, it can be used all over the body to conceal skin  imperfections such as moles, birthmarks, dark circles, bruising, even varicose veins, wrinkles or tattoos. All those unwanted imperfections will be hidden in no time!


This is a very important, especially for women with sensitive skin. Airbrush makeup is much more hygienic than traditional makeup.

No more messy brushes or sponges, the makeup is applied using an airbrush so there is no direct contact with your face. You don’t use your hands or any bacteria covered brushes to apply the makeup.

Even if you clean your foundation brush after each use, airbrush makeup will be even more hygienic. With the use of the airbrush gun, the need to use fingers is eliminated along with the risks of spreading germs!

3. Last Longer than traditional makeup

Airbrush makeup stays on longer than regular makeup. Airbrush makeup can last all day long, up to 20 hours and will not fade, unlike normal foundations.

It doesn’t wear off easily and for some formulation it is also waterproof.

Airbrush makeup is the perfect tool for special occasion such wedding  where you need to look at your best for the full day.

4. Weightless

Airbrush makeup is so lightweight that you will feel like you are not wearing anything on your face.

5. Great Coverage

Airbrush makeup allows to conceal any sort of blemishes and dark spots and even allows to camouflage tattoos, or any unwanted skin discoloration.

6. Doesn’t transfer

Airbrush makeup doesn’t transfer into clothing. Slight rubbing or brushing against someone or something does not remove the makeup.  The only way non-waterproof formulas will transfer is if they get wet.  So it is best to blot, not wipe tears or other moisture.

7. For All Skin Types

The best airbrush makeup is perfect for all skin types include the sensitive one.

8. Hypoallergenic

When Airbrush makeup  kits are water based, they are often hypoallergenic. It makes airbrush makeup safe for whatever type of skin you have.

9. Blend itself

It is easy to blend colors with airbrush makeup.

10. Airbrush makeup is fast

With a bit of practice, an entirely professional looking face makeup, including eyesshadows and eyebrows, will take just over 10 minutes.

How to hold your Airbrush stylus?

You you hold like a traditional pen in your hand: With your index finger on the airbrush trigger so that you can move it back and forth easily.

Best airbrush Makeup System 2020: Reviews & Comparisons

How to Hold Your Airbrush


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