The 6 Best Cordless Paint Sprayer in 2024

Below is a list of the best cordless paint sprayers on the market that you can use for different kinds of small projects (up to 3 gallons or 11 litre). The list starts with two Cordless airless sprayers from Graco, the American industrial company based Minneapolis leading in the market. Those units are on the higher price scale because of their build quality,  the technology in them, the fact that they are fully repairable etc….Then you have some more affordable HVLP cordless paint sprayers than are also great for a variety of small projects.


Graco Ultra QuickShot

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The best cordless paint sprayer is the Graco QuickShot. It was release in 2023 and is the most portable airless touch-up spray gun in the market right now. It is built into a compact and lightweight system that comes with two 20 V DEWALT batteries. The Graco Ultra QuickShot is easy to carry around thanks to a grip handle and a belted strap system.

It comes with a 6 ft (1.8 meter) flexible hose and it uses an electronic trigger system that gives the most accurate finish possible.  

This is really the most flexible and portable cordless paint sprayer in its class.

All the electronics are in the handpieces. Therefore you have on-demand precision flow control through a dial at the back that allows you to adjust the pressure anywhere from 100 PSI all the way up to 2000 PSI which is going to be plenty for all the small jobs you’re going to use it for.

What is The Graco QuickShot used for?

This best cordless paint sprayer is designed for small jobs up to 3 Gallons (11l). It can be use for jobs inside the house like doors, skirting, cabinets, furniture, walls. But if you are thinking of spraying an entire house, you will probably be  better off with a bigger unit like the Graco X7 or Graco X19.

The Graco QuickShot can also be use outside for jobs like garage doors, a few fence panels, decking or even small sheds.

With the Graco Ultra Quickshot you can spray the widest range of architectural coatings, from water based paints, to solvents, and flammable based materials. Perfect for small jobs such as cabinets, doors, trim, soffits, gutters and more.

  • Very light,portable. You don’t feel the weight of the battery in your hand like other units.
  • Easy to refill the 900 ml cup.
  • Easy to use and easy to set up
  • Fully repairable, you can replace the pump
  • Great airless finish, instant response with the electric powered Gun. It virtually eliminates Spits.
  • Might seem pricey but worth every penny

Graco Ultra 17M363

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The second unit on my list of best cordless paint sprayer the Graco Ultra Cordless Airless Handheld Paint Sprayer.The Graco ultra is an handheld sprayer operated with a the 20V Dewalt lithium-ion battery. It comes standard with two batteries and a charger.

  • Graco known for great Quality products
  • Unit comes with 2 batteries as standard
  • Very powerful
  • triple piston pump is entirely repairable
  • Uses standard RAC X FFLP spray tips
  • Flexi liner bag
  • Spray up to 1 gallon with each charge
  • Seem pricey but you pay for quality

The Graco Ultra uses high quality standard RAC X FFLP spray tips which is nice as you can find those tips in most paint stores.Note that this is one big difference between this model and the  Graco TC Pro that uses Graco proprietary tips.You can adjust the pressure from 500 to 2000 PSI depending on the tips you are using. So you can adjust the pressure and the tip to really fine-tune the Graco Ultra and get a really good paint finish.The Triax triple piston pump is entirely repairable which means you can replace it when it goes bad.  You can buy a Triax pump and replace it in 3 steps using only a screwdriver. So you’re automatically buying into a much longer life of this tool  versus one of those cheaper HVLP cordless paint sprayer. This is normally a feature reserved for higher end sprayers that professionals use, so to have that for this unit is really nice.

This cordless paint sprayer come with a 32 oz FlexLiner paint bag that allows easy setup and fast clean up. If you want to buy a bigger cup for slightly bigger jobs, you can buy a 42oz cup &  the Graco FlexLiner Spray Paint Bags, 42 oz

The Graco Ultra  delivers a perfect airless finish in seconds with fast, easy setup and the easy-to-clean design reduces cleanup to just a few minutes so you get to the next job quicker.

This is unit definitely deserve to stand at the top of this list of best cordless paint sprayer. I highly recommend it.

Graco Ultra 17M363 Specifications
  • Powered by DeWALT’s 20-Volt MAX XR lithium-ion battery
  • Spray paint and stain – no thinning required; Smooth, even, perfect airless finish; Greater control to spray coatings at any speed
  • Spray up to 1 gallon with each charge
  • Can spray unthinned paint; SmartTip technology provides a superior finish with less pressure; Spray in any direction – even upside down
  • Perfect Airless Finish at Any Speed – Without Thinning

What is The Graco Ultra  used for?

As for the Graco QuickShot, this Graco Ultra is designed for small jobs up to 3 Gallons (11l). It can be use for jobs inside the house like cabinets, doors, skirting,  furniture, walls. It will spray up to 1 gallon with one charge. It sprays twice faster than a traditional HPLV Cordless paint sprayer.Again, if you are thinking of spraying big jobs, this is not the tools for you.You will  be  better off with a bigger unit like the Graco X7 or Graco X19.

You can uses it with water and Mineral Spirits-based materials. If you want it to spray with Water-based, Oil-based & Flammable-based Architectural Materials you will need the Graco ULTRAMAX model that can spray spray flammables (“Hot” Solvent Capable).


NEU MASTER Cordless Paint Sprayer

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The NEU MASTER Cordless Paint Sprayer is designed to streamline painting tasks, offering users the freedom to paint without the constraints of cords or power outlets. Its cordless operation allows for increased mobility and flexibility, making it ideal for painting projects both indoors and outdoors. The sprayer’s lightweight and ergonomic design ensure comfortable use over extended periods, reducing fatigue during prolonged painting sessions.

The Neu MASTER cordless paint sprayer come with 3 size nozzles (2.0/2.5/3.0 mm. With adjustable settings for spray patterns and paint flow, users can customize their painting experience to achieve the desired results for various surfaces and applications. The included detachable 900si ml tank simplifies the refilling process, while the easy-to-clean design makes maintenance hassle-free. While not suitable for large-scale commercial projects, the NEU MASTER Cordless Paint Sprayer is an excellent choice for DIY enthusiasts, homeowners, and professionals seeking a convenient and efficient painting solution.

  • Cordless operation for increased mobility and flexibility.
  • Lightweight and ergonomic design for comfortable use
  • Adjustable settings for spray patterns and paint flow
  • Detachable 900 ml container for easy refilling
  • User-friendly and easy to clean
  • Not suitable for large-scale commercial projects

In conclusion, the NEU MASTER Cordless Paint Sprayer offers convenience, versatility, and efficiency for a wide range of painting projects and is really of of the best cordless paint sprayer out there.Its cordless operation, adjustable settings, and user-friendly design make it an excellent choice for DIY enthusiasts, homeowners, and professionals seeking a convenient and reliable painting solution. Whether you’re painting walls, furniture, or automotive surfaces, this sprayer provides the freedom and flexibility to achieve professional-quality results with ease.

What is a Cordless Paint Sprayer?

Unlike traditional paint sprayers that are connected to a power source with a cord, cordless paint sprayers operate on rechargeable batteries. The battery powered paint sprayer utilize a high-pressure mechanism to atomize the paint, creating a fine mist that evenly coats the surface being painted. Cordless paint sprayers are versatile tools that can be used for a wide range of projects, from painting walls and furniture to fences and cabinets.

Although the cordless paint sprayer is less precise than the paintbrush and roller, it allows you to paint large areas in no time.  Depending on the model, the mode of operation differs. But the principle is always the same: spray paint using a pressurized air system.

Why Use a Cordless Paint Sprayer?

Using a cordless paint sprayer offers several advantages. First and foremost, it provides freedom of movement and eliminates the hassle of dealing with cords and power outlets. This makes it easier to reach tight or awkward spaces, go up a ladder or each the end of your yard. A paint sprayer also ensures a more even finish in a record time.

Cordless paint sprayer also allow you to avoid uneven surfaces, gaps or cracks that cause a lot of difficulties when using a roller or brush.

 Advantages of Using a Cordless Sprayer

  1. Portability and Freedom of Movement: The best cordless paint sprayers operate on rechargeable batteries, eliminating the need for a power cord. This portability allows you to move freely around your work area, reach tight or awkward spaces, and tackle both indoor and outdoor projects without being connectedto a power source.
  2. Huge time saving: Cordless paint sprayers are highly efficient and can cover large areas quickly. They release a fine mist of paint that evenly coats surfaces, reducing the time and effort required for your painting projects. Such a huge time gain compared to the more conventional paintbrush and roller.
  3. Versatility: The best battery operated paint sprayer are versatile tools that can handle various types of coatings, including water based paint, acrylics, stains, primers, sealers, and more. This versatility makes them suitable for a wide range of applications, from painting walls, furniture, and cabinets to fences, decks, and even automotive projects.
  4. Professional-Looking Finish: Cordless paint sprayers provide a professional-quality finish. The fine atomization of the paint creates a smooth and even coat without brush marks or streaks, resulting in a polished appearance that’s difficult to achieve with traditional methods like brushes or rollers.
  5. Consistent Coverage: These sprayers offer consistent coverage, ensuring that every inch of the surface receives an even coat of paint. This reduces the likelihood of uneven coloration or drips that can occur with other application methods.
  6. Reduced Waste: Cordless paint sprayers are designed to minimize overspray and waste, as they apply paint precisely where it’s needed. This can save you money on paint and reduce environmental impact.
  7. Ease of Use: Many cordless paint sprayers are designed with user-friendly controls, making them accessible to both professionals and DIY enthusiasts. They are relatively easy to learn and operate, even for beginners.
  8. Quick Cleanup: Cleanup is typically straightforward with cordless sprayers. Many models have easy-to-clean components, and some even offer a self-cleaning feature, saving you time and effort.
  9. Cost Savings: While the initial investment in a cordless paint sprayer may be higher than traditional painting tools, the time and paint saved can result in long-term cost savings, particularly for professionals who rely on efficiency in their work.
  10. Reduced Physical Strain: Using a cordless paint sprayer can be less physically demanding than traditional painting methods, as it eliminates the need for repetitive movements like rolling or brushing. This can reduce strain on your body during extended painting projects.
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