Best Airbrush Paints for Plastic Models in 2024

In today’s post, I will be sharing my top 6 picks for the best airbrush paints for plastic models. Whether you are a seasoned model builder or just starting out, finding the right airbrush paint can make a significant difference in achieving the desired finish and quality on your plastic models. So, if you’re looking to enhance your painting experience and produce stunning results, keep reading to discover the top airbrush paints that you should consider for your plastic model projects this year.


Army Painter Airbrush Paint Set & Thinner

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as of March 15, 2024 5:00 am
Great Value
The first paint set in my best airbrush Paints for plastic models list is the Army Painter Starter Airbrush Paint Set and Airbrush Thinner. It is a high-quality acrylic airbrush painting set that provides a wide range of mid-tone colors. With the included airbrush medium and primer, this set offers good value for the price and allows for faster painting without compromising quality. Works well in an airbrush.
  • Wide range of mid-tone colors for airbrushing
  • Includes a larger bottle of airbrush medium and primer
  • Good value for the price
  • Works well in an airbrush

The Army Painter Starter Airbrush Paint Set and Airbrush Thinner is an essential paint set for beginners in airbrushing. It includes 12 airbrush paints with paint mixing balls, allowing for easy and efficient mixing. The set also comes with 100ml bottles of matt grey and airbrush medium, ensuring a smooth and high-quality finish. Users have praised the paints for their great performance in airbrushing, as well as the good variety of colors provided. Additionally, the larger bottles of medium and primer are a practical addition, making this set a decent value for its price.

High-quality airbrush paint and thinner
  • 12 airbrush paints with paint mixing balls
  • 100ml bottle of matt grey paint
  • 100ml bottle of airbrush medium
  • Allows for faster painting without compromising quality

SAGUDIO Airbrush Paint Set: 12 Color, 30 ml/1 oz

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as of March 15, 2024 5:00 am
High-quality and versatile
The SAGUDIO Airbrush Paint Set 12 Colors is a versatile and convenient option for users looking for high-quality airbrush paint. With its wide range of colors, convenient bottle size, and water-based formula, it is easy to use and clean. The ability to mix colors and create custom shades adds to its appeal. However, some may find that it is not necessary to use additional thinner and that it is too easy to airbrush designs on nails. Overall, it is a good value for the price and offers vibrant colors for various applications.
Impressive Color Variety
  • Easy to use for airbrushing nails
  • Good value for the price
  • Colors are simple but vibrant
  • No need for additional thinner
  • Easy to airbrush designs on nails

The SAGUDIO Airbrush Paint is the second paint set in my list of best airbrush paints for plastic models. This set of 12 Colors (30 ml/1 oz) is a comprehensive and versatile set of paints specifically designed for airbrushing. With 12 different colors to choose from, including basic colors like black, white, and yellow, this set provides a wide range of options for creating custom colors. The paints come in 30ml (1 oz) bottles, ensuring a generous amount for your airbrushing projects. The texture and viscosity of the paints are well-suited for use with an airbrush, providing smooth application on various surfaces such as nails, shoes, leather, and plastic and of course plastic models. Many users have praised the quality of these paints, noting that they are easy to work with and produce vibrant results. Additionally, the set comes in a sturdy and well-packaged box, making it convenient for storage. Overall, the SAGUDIO Airbrush Paint Set is a great value for those looking to enhance their airbrushing skills.

Product Features
  • 12 colors: The set includes 12 different colors, providing a wide range of options for users
  • 30ml (1 oz) size: Each color comes in a convenient 30ml (1 oz) bottle, ensuring a sufficient amount of paint for various projects
  • Ready to spray: The paint set is ready to use with airbrush guns, eliminating the need for additional preparations or mixing
  • Water-based: The paint is water-based, making it easy to clean and reducing the risk of harmful fumes
  • Versatile application: Suitable for various surfaces such as model hobby, shoes, leather, and plastic models
  • Customizable: The colors can be mixed to create custom shades, allowing for endless creative possibilities

NO-NAME Airbrush Paint Set – 16 Colors

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as of March 15, 2024 5:00 am
Excellent choice
The NO-NAME Brand Airbrush Paint Set is a high-quality collection of 16 vibrant and eye-catching colors, including metallic and neon options. Made in the USA, this water-based acrylic paint offers great consistency and is ideal for a wide range of artistic projects, providing a professional finish with solid coverage.
Vibrant and Versatile
  • Vibrant and eye-catching colors
  • Great consistency for easy application
  • Made in USA for exceptional quality
  • Suitable for a wide range of artistic projects

The third paint set on my list of best airbrush paints for plastic models it the NO-NAME Brand Airbrush Paint Set. This paint set is a high-quality product made in the USA that guarantees excellence. With 16 vibrant colors, including metallic and neon shades, this water-based acrylic paint set is perfect for plastic models, metal, and hobbies. The paint has a great consistency and can be used straight from the bottle without needing to be thinned, making it ideal for beginners. It delivers consistent results and sprays smoothly, allowing for an enjoyable airbrushing experience. Affordable pricing without compromising on quality makes this set a reliable choice for any airbrush enthusiast.

Key Features of NO-NAME Airbrush Paint Set
  • Airbrush Paint Set – A collection of 16 colors for airbrush painting
  • Made In USA – Crafted with pride in the USA for exceptional quality
  • Including Metallic and Neon – Offers a variety of colors for vibrant and eye-catching results
  • Opaque – Provides solid coverage for a professional finish
  • Water-Based Acrylic Paint – Easy to use and clean up, no harsh chemicals required
  • Ideal for Plastic Models, Metal & Hobby – Suitable for a wide range of artistic projects

Vallejo Metallic Model Air Paint – 8 Bottles, 17ml

$25.99  in stock
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as of March 15, 2024 5:00 am
Conclusion: Worth considering
The Vallejo Metallic Colors Model Air Paint provides high-quality metallic paints that are affordable and mix well with each other. The self-leveling formula allows for easy application and the wide range of colors available make it suitable for different painting techniques. However, the description on the page may be misleading and the non-metallic colors might require multiple coats for adequate coverage.
High-Quality Metallic Paint
  • Affordable price compared to other options
  • High-quality metallic paints included
  • Paints mix well with each other
  • Self-leveling formula for easy application
  • Suitable for airbrushing and brush painting techniques
  • Wide range of colors available in the Vallejo Air Paint series
Cons of Vallejo Metallic Model Air Paint
  • Description on the page is misleading
  • Non-metallic colors require multiple coats

The next paint set on my list of best airbrush paints for plastic models is the Vallejo Metallic Colors Model Air Paint set. This paint set consists of 8 highly pigmented acrylic colors, each in a 17ml plastic eye dropper bottle. The colors included are Silver, Steel, Gold, Bright Brass, Copper, Artic Blue, Gun, and Gunmetal Metallizer. These paints are specifically designed for airbrushing and are ground to the finest possible consistency. They can be mixed with each other or diluted with water. The packaging of these paints in 17ml bottles with eyedroppers prevents evaporation and drying. According to reviews, these metallic paints are considered better than other brands, as they do not separate out from the medium as quickly, making them easier to work with. They are also praised for being pre-thinned, which makes them suitable for use with brushes as well. The gold and silver metallic paints are known for their quality, although there were some comments about the gold being a bit runny. Overall, this set offers a great variety of metallic colors at an affordable price.

High-Quality Metallic Paint Set
  • Finely ground pigments
  • Mixable and dilutable colors
  • 17ml bottle with eyedropper
  • Packaging prevents paint from evaporating and drying
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7 new from $25.00
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as of March 15, 2024 5:00 am

24-Color Airbrush Paint Set with Cleaner – Ready to Spray Kit

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as of March 15, 2024 5:00 am
Great Choice
The Airbrush Paint Set offers a wide range of colors, including both common, neon, and pearl shades. It comes with 2 airbrush cleaners and high-quality pigments, providing brilliant visual color results. Overall, this water-based airbrush paint kit is a great choice for metal and plastic models.
Benefits of the Airbrush Paint Set
  • Diversified color selection
  • Comes with 2 airbrush cleaners
  • High-quality airbrush pigment

The Airbrush Paint Set – 24 Colors Acrylic Paint with 2 Airbrush Cleaner is a versatile and diverse paint set perfect for airbrushing on metal or plastic models. With 16 common colors, 4 neon colors, and 4 pearl colors, this set offers a wide range of options to bring your creations to life. Each bottle contains 20ml of high quality airbrush pigment that delivers brilliant visual color results. The set also includes 2 airbrush cleaners to ensure easy maintenance. Customers have praised the product for its affordable price, extensive color selection, and good consistency. However, some users experienced difficulties with the pearl gold color clogging the brush. Overall, this airbrush paint set offers great value for its variety of colors and ease of use.

Vibrant and versatile airbrush paints
  • Diversified color selection
  • 24 colors included (16 common colors, 4 neon colors, 4 pearl colors)
  • Comes with 2 airbrush cleaners
  • High-quality airbrush pigment
  • Brilliant visual color results
  • Water-based airbrush paint kit

Smalltongue 28-Color Airbrush Paint Kit

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as of March 15, 2024 5:00 am
Overall Impression: Recommended
The Smalltongue 28 Colors Airbrush paint kit is a convenient and versatile option for those looking to work with a wide range of colors. It provides even spray without particles, and comes with all necessary accessories for easy use. However, some customers have experienced issues with empty cleaner bottles and loading media.
Vibrant and Versatile
  • Includes 28 different colors
  • Comes with all necessary accessories, including cleaner and thinner
  • Dries off fast and is easy to use
  • Both of the airbrush cleaner bottles came empty
  • The media could not be loaded

The Smalltongue 28 Colors Airbrush paint kit is the last paint set on my list of best airbrush paints for plastic models. It’s a comprehensive set that includes metallic colors, neon colors, and original colors. It also comes with 2X Cleaner and 2X thinner, each in 1fl oz (30ml) bottles. The paint is formulated with a special formula to ensure that it doesn’t block the airbrush pen and sprays evenly without any particles. It’s perfect for various applications such as leather, shoes, metal, and plastic models. Customers have praised the kit for its wide range of shades, ease of use, and reasonable price. Some reviewers have mentioned that the paint dries quickly and is easy to clean up after use. However, a couple of customers mentioned that the airbrush cleaner bottles were empty, but this didn’t impact their overall satisfaction with the product. Overall, the Smalltongue 28 Colors Airbrush paint kit is a great option for anyone looking for a versatile and affordable set.

Product Features
  • Includes 28 colors – metallic, neon, and original colors
  • Includes 2X Cleaner and 2X Thinner (each 1fl oz/30ml)
  • Formulated with a special formula to prevent airbrush pen blockage
  • Provides even spray without particles
in stock
as of March 15, 2024 5:00 am

Top-rated Airbrush Paint Options

The ultimate guide to choosing the perfect paint for airbrushing

Step-by-Step Guide to Using the Best Airbrush Paint for Plastic Models

  • Thoroughly clean the airbrush before use, ensuring that all previous paint and residue is removed
  • Prime the plastic surface with a suitable primer to ensure better adhesion and a smoother finish
  • Ensure the work area is well-ventilated or use a paint booth to avoid inhaling any fumes
  • Dilute the airbrush paint with an appropriate thinner according to the manufacturer’s instructions. This helps achieve the desired consistency for consistent spray patterns
  • Test the paint consistency on a spare piece of plastic or a paint palette to ensure it flows smoothly through the airbrush without clogging or splattering
  • Be patient and experiment with different paint-to-thinner ratios to achieve the desired effects
  • Start by practicing on scrap plastic models or other disposable surfaces before working on your main project to gain confidence and fine-tune your airbrushing skills
  • Hold the airbrush at a consistent distance (around 6-8 inches) from the surface and move it with smooth and even strokes to achieve even coverage
  • Apply thin layers of paint in multiple passes rather than trying to cover the surface in a single coat, allowing each layer to dry before applying the next
  • Remember, airbrushing is a skill that improves with practice, so don’t be discouraged if you don’t achieve perfect results right away. Take your time, be patient, and enjoy the process of learning and experimenting with the best airbrush paint for plastic models

Affordable and High-Quality Options for Airbrush Paints Ideal for Plastic Models

  • Low-range ($5-$15): In this price range, you can find entry-level airbrush paints that offer basic coverage and colors. These paints may have slightly lower pigment concentration and may require multiple layers or mixing for desired results. They are suitable for beginners or occasional users who do not require highly professional finishes
  • Mid-range ($15-$30): This range includes airbrush paints that provide a good compromise between affordability and quality. Paints in this range typically offer decent coverage, vibrant colors, and better pigmentation. They are usually suitable for intermediate users who seek improved control and better results compared to low-range options
  • High-range ($30-$50+): In the high-price category, you will find professional-grade airbrush paints with exceptional quality and advanced features. These paints often have higher pigment concentration, superior color accuracy, durability, and specialized properties like reducing clogging or drying quickly. They are ideal for experienced painters, hobbyists, or professionals who demand top-notch finishes and breathtaking results
  • It’s important to note that the prices mentioned above are general estimates and can vary based on factors like brand reputation, popularity, availability, and local market conditions. Additionally, keep in mind that the quantity of paint, specialized effects, or any additional accessories included may also influence the price
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